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Not only is Trump not conceding, he’s also extracting maximum concession from White America. For sure, Trump’s posture after losing convincingly looks delusional as the election is not even close. At the latest vote count, BIDEN is topping Trump by more than 7 million votes.

If this was a boxing match, Biden’s 81,271,129 votes against Trump’s 74,209,290 would be a clear Knock-Out.

Trump lost both the popular votes and the electoral college; he lost the red state of Georgia long considered a Republican stronghold by a margin of 12,284 votes. On November 25th After six days of hand-counting ballots, Trump’s defeat was certified by Georgia secretary of state’s office who happens to be a Republican. President-elect BIDEN is the first Democrat to win Georgia since 1992.

Then there’s something called the Safe harbor dateline. You would be forgiven for not knowing what that means. Before Trump’s Presidency, no one really bothered about the Safe harbor Dateline because in the history of the United States of America, the loser always conceded before that Dateline. Safe Harbor Dateline is a date set under an obscure US federal law which compels the Congress to count the electoral votes from states that choose their electors and resolve any legal disputes over the choices at least six days before the electors meet to vote. In this year’s election’s case that dateline was on December 8th ,2020. In brief: All the paperwork certifying Biden as winner has been completed on 8th December 2020. So why is Trump still not conceding?

Administration officials are telling journalists that the drama around the election is mostly political theatre intended to massage Trump’s bruised ego. Even when his Attorney General William Barr recently sent a letter to U.S. attorneys, directing them to look into allegations of voter fraud; insiders maintained that Barr was only trying to sooth his boss while simultaneously alerting his prosecutors to ignore anything short of substantial fraud.

To suggest Trump is just a sore loser with a bruised ego is way too simplistic and it overlooks something more sinister.
He could be guilty of many things but being stupid is not one of them. Everything he does is a facade, it’s well calculated to benefit his bottom line regardless how indignant and unhinged it appears.

He knows he will definitely leave the White House on January 21st 2021. Now let’s find out why he insists with a straight face that he won.


There’s a 200 million dollars’ worth of reasons why Trump hasn’t conceded even though many Republican senators (at least seven) have already called Biden to congratulate him in secret.

When Trump refused to concede, he set up an “Election Defense Fund” and called on his 74 million followers to make financial donations. Lo and behold, millions of people believed him. He has now raised over $200 million in less than a month. But according to the Washington Post, his campaign has only spent $8.8 million towards challenging the vote including recount efforts in Wisconsin which actually ended up providing more votes to Joe Biden. Had he conceded, he would have had no justification for taking such a massive amount of money from his voters, just 60 days before leaving office.

Trump is now sitting on cool $190 million unspent cash. Technically he cannot take it home but he can use it for future political actions & campaigns but everyone knows that this money will end up in his pockets one way or another. During campaign, his stays (in his own hotel) and fuel for his private jet are all paid for by donors.

All he needs to do is to launch a new political campaign in Jan 2021 to have full justification to use $190 million as he pleases. Now who’s the real loser? Trump or his millions gullible donors?

While still contesting his election defeat in the courts and milking his supporters for millions of dollars, Trump is equally doing what other presidents before him have done in their final days in office have done: Selling presidential pardons. U.S. prosecutors are investigating whether several individuals offered political contributions in exchange for a presidential pardon, according to an unsealed court document.


Trump is not the only one making money out of not conceding. His army of election lawyers, lobbyists and media influencers are all on the take. Trump lawyers have seized on this opportunity to make a buck despite serious risk of getting sanctioned by the US Bar Council.

On November 20, US Congressman Bill Pascrell, a New Jersey Democrat, filed a bar complaints in five states against Rudy Guiliani and 22 other lawyers that have been working on President Trump's legal effort to challenge the election. In his complaint letter, he alleged that the attorneys engaged in "conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation."

Giuliani, who coordinated a string of failed court challenges to Biden’s victory, asked Trump’s campaign to pay him $20,000 a day for his legal work according to the New York Times. A $20,000-a-day rate would have made Mr. Giuliani, the former New York City mayor who has been Trump’s personal lawyer for several years, among the most highly paid lawyers in the world. On the smaller end of the scale, Trump’s legal advisers like Jenna Ellis have reportedly taken in $30,000 since Election Day.


A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that 52% of Republicans believe that Trump won the election. This is why elected republican officials are scared to call on Trump to concede. Given that the hardcore base only believes Trump, the republican party of 2020 is essentially like a Trump Cult. His words cannot be questioned. Those who are seen not supporting him are considered traitors and receive death threats from angry rednecks.

Trump’s grip on the republican party is now so deep that most Republicans in Congress dare not refer to Joe Biden as president-elect. Conservative media outlets are continuing to push unfounded conspiracy theories about widespread election irregularities while the internet is filled with baseless reports of fraud, including fake videos alleging the miscounting of ballots.

The grip of Trump amongst Republicans is operationalized by Senator Mitch McConnell. He is the highest elected republican in the United State and the most powerful person in the US congress. In Obama’s 8 years as US President, McConnell blocked him at every turn so much so that he could only manage to appoint 2 Supreme Court Judges. Trump, in four short years, placed judges in the Supreme Court all thanks to Mitch who doesn’t mind being called the “Grim Reaper”. Having just been re-elected, he only cares about keeping the Senate in the hands of republicans. He is using “hurricane Trump” to whip the party base in Georgia’ runoff elections to be held on 5th January 2021.

The outcome will determine which party has a majority in the U.S. Senate. Democrats need to win both seats to split control of the chamber 50-50 as the vice president (Democrat Kamala Harris beginning in January 2021) would then cast tie-breaking votes in the Senate. Republicans need to win at least one seat to maintain their majority.

Mitch McConnell might not be a typical Trump sycophant but he is cajoling his ego so the Don can mobilize his diehard supporters to come out in droves.

Donald Trump now looks like a mafia Don with a loaded gun to the head of republicans he has taken hostage. You’re either with him or you’re against him.

If you’re against him (Trump) he will come after you and direct his army of 70 million bees to sting you.


CNN reported that Trump has purged a Pentagon business advisory board and replaced its members with his former campaign manager and deputy campaign manager, neither of whom have served in the military or have any apparent experience with the defense industry. Trump loyalists Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie will be appointed to the Defense Business Board to partly replace nine members who were ousted earlier, according to a statement from the Pentagon. These appointees know full well that they will hold the job for less than 45 days since Biden will most likely remove them. In the meantime, they will milk their position to the maximum.

The latest personnel changes at the Pentagon have raised alarm inside and outside the government that Trump will order a large-scale release of classified material that he believes will benefit him politically.

Those same materials could also damage America’s relationships with its allies and hinder intelligence gathering.

Trump is worried that Biden’s administration would reveal that his campaign colluded with Russia to get him elected.

A former senior national-security official said that Trump’s principal goal is to release a trove of intelligence that he believes could disprove suspicions he worked with Russian agents during the 2016 election—or, despite the unanimous findings of America’s intelligence agencies, could disprove that Russia interfered at all. Gina Haspel, the director of the C.I.A., has strongly opposed declassifying the material, arguing that it could cause severe harm to U.S. allies, and to agents working on behalf of American intelligence. Trump reportedly wanted to fire Haspel to clear the way for the declassifications, but so far has held off.


Outgoing President Donald Trump is currently discussing the possibility of announcing a 2024 campaign to retake the White House. He wants the announcement to coincide with Biden’s Inauguration Day for maximum effect. He is expected to skip the swearing-in of his successor, according to insiders. On December 2nd, 2020 NBC News reported that there is “preliminary planning” underway for a Jan. 20 event to kick off a new Trump bid. People around him expect an announcement earlier as no final decisions have been made.

Regardless of the timing of a campaign announcement, Trump is not expected to attend the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, according to NBC News report. He also does not plan to invite Biden to the White House or even call him, they said.

While many observe Trump’s behavior as an act of a sore loser, he is in fact, cunning and strategic. He doesn’t see himself as a loser (let alone a sore one). He’s acting like a hostage taker ready to toss a hand-grenade on American democracy.

Trump is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on Republican members of congress who so far have been paying lip service just to placate him.

After a Washington Post survey of all 249 Congressional Republicans published on 05th December 2020 revealed that only 27 recognized Biden as the President-elect, Trump was furious, he demanded the names of the 27 Republican Congressional Republicans who have “committed the sin” of acknowledging the obvious. The man is not satisfied with 90% of Republicans behind him. He wants 100% like Stalin.

Nonetheless two GOP congressmen, Alabama representative Mo Brooks and Arizona congressman Paul Gosar joined the Trump shameless club by falsely claiming Trump had won. The two congressmen said that they will not accept Biden as the president, regardless of what happens when state electors officially cast their ballots on 14 December.

As Trump knows Biden’s victory cannot be overturned, his charade looks to me as a desperate attempt to get republicans legislators to nominate him as their party candidate for 2024 elections right now while he’s still at the White House.

Not conceding a defeat to Biden not only allows him to remain the center of all attention but also extract the maximum political endorsement from his party members.


America is deeply embarrassed by the Trump show. The world’s beacon of democracy who enjoys lecturing third world countries about Democracy, power transition, free and fair elections doesn’t know where to hide its face in shame.

His sitting President has already squeezed USD200 million out of the poor pockets of millions of gullible white folks and taken his party hostage. He has shown a willingness and capacity to throw hand-grenade into institutions built over 400 years.

Shame is the least of concern for the sitting President. In fact, his biggest strength is the fact that he can neither be embarrassed nor ashamed. In his cost/benefit analysis, the dollar value of being shamed, humiliated and laughed at is equal to nil. Being called a Sore Loser doesn’t hurt him, it only diminishes America. Hence my previous article - America is the biggest loser in its 2020 elections .

The outgoing President is fully aware that the American public has short-term memory. Most people are too busy worrying about their next pay cheque and their family’s well-being to care about Melania’s Husband at the white house. In a capitalist culture when money is King, this outgoing President sees success or failure in Dollar terms. His biggest concern is how much cash he’ll take when he leaves the White House. The optic of it is the least of his concerns.

For the majority of Americans who are appalled and disgusted by the Trump buffoonery in Washington DC, they should remember Birtherism.

Regular folks looked the other way when Trump attacked Barack Hussein Obama as a Kenyan alien who never went to Harvard (all false). Today, Biden’s victory is as indisputable as Obama being born in the USA. Yet the same people who 10 years ago joined Trump to ask for Obama’s birth certificate are still asking for proof of Trump’s defeat. Some things never change!

Baron Lamarre



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