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For two decades, Baron Lamarre held several senior positions in a leading Oil & Gas Major/ Fortune 500 Corporation and Advised governments and private agencies as senior energy economist & petroleum consultant. He is currently heading a Global Energy Company that specializes in Onshore/Offshore Oil drilling Technology. 


He has seen it all and what he’s seen will surprise you!

Through structuring, originating successful billion dollars Oil deals around the world and sometimes putting his life at stake, Baron’s on a mission to share a piece of this Global cake with the little guy. 

Because if there's not a fair share, this income disparity will only get worse for generations to come (i.e. More social unrest, more wars and global instability).  

Baron aims to Empower, Energize, Educate, Engage and Enrich the 99% as a key to achieve World Economic justice. 

Information that sees no bounds

A talented Jazz musician and athlete, he’ll share exclusive insights, anecdotes and lessons ranging from basic investing principles, securing commodity trade deals to actionable strategies.

This will make a significant social change whether you live in Milan, Caracas ,

Kigali or Almaty.

The same game is being played everywhere. 

Learn the Rules. Play the Game. Play to Win!

Image by Tolga Ahmetler

Lets help to eradicate the root cause of ALL Wars and put an end to economic injustice.
Join me on this journey! 


Don't Hate the Game.
Just Master it. 

Get ahead. Get in control.

This is NOT about getting rich instantly. It's about joining a "Progression Nation" of people who want to break out of their limited mindset into a Magnificent Mindset.

Be informed and participate in discussions through blogs, videos, online forums and live webinars to be aware and really live your life for yourself and leave a legacy

for everyone. 

"A passport isn't required
to be a passenger of the 
Progression Nation. You just need to embrace your Magnificent Mindset!"

Something is seriously wrong when 1% of the people own more than 50% of global wealth. Having had the opportunity to navigate a world between the top 1% and the bottom 99%, Baron will help the latter crack the code and truly live the life they deserve.

The odds are already against us: the big players will always be winners because it’s a game that they control to rake in the money for themselves. They want to keep us far away from acquiring the wealth that we deserve. 


We don’t have to hate them, we just have to know how to play the game and win in this capitalist market.

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